Lund Corpora

Eline Visser
Corpora of Papuan and Austronesian languages in eastern Indonesia: Geser-Gorom (ISO639-3:ges), Kalamang (ISO639-3:kgv), Uruangnirin (ISO639-3:urn) and Yamdena (ISO639-3:jmd).
LACOLA: Language, Cognition, and Landscape
The LANG-KEY project opens up new horizons in the human sciences by providing scientific access to human diversity. It does so by situating field linguists at the center of an interdisciplinary research framework in which language expertise provides the crucial point of connection between researchers and lesser-known speech communities and knowledge systems. The project explores human perception, a field in which recent research hints at considerable but still poorly understood variation across human languages and cultures. To this end, the project brings together a unique and highly qualified team representing Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, Geoscience and History of Religions to investigate language of perception in three diverse Language Observatories. Combining well-established methods with novel ones, the research focuses on two fundamental and interrelated arenas of perception: landscape and ritual. Acknowledging that language provides a window on both cognition and culture, the project bridges the gap between psychological and cultural approaches to the senses.
References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen. The REaCHeS project examines indicating strategies in speakers of Eastern Chatino (EC), a lesser-studied and typologically unusual language used in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The datas were recorded on computer with other students present
This is a research corpus as well as a public corpus of Swedish dialects. It was recorded 1998-2001 by the Swedia 2000 project and described in IMDI within the ECHO project.