Lund Corpora

Eline Visser
Corpora of Papuan and Austronesian languages in eastern Indonesia: Geser-Gorom (ISO639-3:ges), Kalamang (ISO639-3:kgv), Uruangnirin (ISO639-3:urn) and Yamdena (ISO639-3:jmd).
LACOLA: Language, Cognition, and Landscape
References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen. The REaCHeS project examines indicating strategies in speakers of Eastern Chatino (EC), a lesser-studied and typologically unusual language used in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The datas were recorded on computer with other students present
This is a research corpus as well as a public corpus of Swedish dialects. It was recorded 1998-2001 by the Swedia 2000 project and described in IMDI within the ECHO project.
Tactile Reading
Participants reading a short text from Pippi Longstocking and feeling a tactile image of a face. This is recorded by the automated finger-tracker, developed by Björn Breidegård.