Lund Corpora

Tactile Reading
Participants reading a short text from Pippi Longstocking and feeling a tactile image of a face. This is recorded by the automated finger-tracker, developed by Björn Breidegård.
The corpus consists of 60 transcripts from interactions in everyday contexts between 6 children and their caregivers (10 transcripts per child), recorded longitudinally, for the period when the children are 18 to 27 months of age. All six children are growing up in middle class environments, in Sweden and Thailand (Bangkok area) respectively. The videos of the corpus are linked to the transcripts, on an utterance-by-utterance basis using the software CLAN (MacWhinney 2000). This makes it suitable, among other things, for studies of interaction between verbal and gestural communication.
This corpus of written first-, second-, and third-term assigments of students of English at Uppsala University, Sweden, was collected by Ylva Berglund and Margareta Westergren Axelsson 1999-2001. It is available (also) from Oxford Text Archive, The corpus was described with the IMDI metadata set for the ECHO project It is organized in subcorpora according either to tasks (useful for comparing essays from different people facing the same task) or to individuals (that is, longitudinally; useful for comparing development over time in individual writers). Note that the two hierarchies are only two different ways of visualizing the corpus -- the data pointed to is identical for both .