There is no agreed genetic classification for the Palaungic branch. We follow Diffloth 2013. Diffloth proposes two main branches: East Palaungic and West Palaungic. East Palaungic consists of two sub-branches: one sub-branch contains all forms of the Wa (Parauk, Vo, La, Avua' etc.), Lawa (Northern Thailand), and B(u)lang (Tai-Loi etc.) languages, and the other sub-branch contains Lamet plus all kinds of Angkuic (Hu, U, Angku, A-mok, I-mok etc.). The other main branch, West-Palaungic, consists of all forms of the following: Ta-ang (Gold Palaung); Pale (Silver Palaung); Ruma'ai, and Na-ang, plus the various Riang languages, and finally Kano' (Danau). This East-West division corresponds geographically almost exactly to either side of the Salween River (except for one pocket of Na-ang (West Palaungic) which is spoken on the eastern bank of the Salween river). (Diffloth pers. comm. 2013-04-19)