Burenhult Collection

Tongues of the Semang
The project 'Tongues of the Semang' documenting endangered languages and indigenous knowledge among foragers of the Malay Peninsula’ was launched in 2005. The aim of the project is three-fold: 1. to survey the current linguistic situation of the Semang communities, providing an assessment of their relationships and degree of endangerment 2. to document and describe the grammar and lexicon of Lanoh, a highly endangered and so far unstudied language spoken by some 360 Semang in the Perak Valley, Peninsular Malaysia 3. to study and document in-depth aspects of indigenous biological knowledge among the Jahai, a language community of about 1,000 Semang in Perak and Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia. This collection is also held in The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics https://archive.mpi.nl.