Welcome to RWAAI

More information on RWAAI and Austroasiatic can be found at our website. The IMDI Metadata browser allows you to browse and search in the metadata descriptions of all resources in RWAAI. It is also possible to browse the Archive through the Language Resource Inventory of the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO).

Archive Structure and Access

The archive is divided into the 14 recognised branches of the Austroasiatic family, ordered alphabetically. Some of the branches are further divided into lower subfamily branches, but the level of granularity is dependent on areal expertise and contributions held to date. The collections are grouped under the relevant language names, with each individual collection typically named after the creator or contributor. The collections are also browsable by secondary ontologies created from the catalogue metadata, including ISO code, branch name, depositor's name, and geographic location. Access to metadata is open. However, to access the resources you first need to accept the Conditions of Access and Register as a user. To request access please fill in the Resource Request Form. Three Access levels are defined:
  1. Open Resources: freely available to registered users
  2. Protected Open Resources: available upon request. Usage is negotiated between the user and the custodian of the collection
  3. Closed Resources: not available for access.
Note that some resources are permanently unavailable due to legal or ethical concerns. Any use of data by a third party will require appropriate permission from the owner of the collection, and acknowledgement both to RWAAI and to the depositor. How to acknowledge: Refer to the instructions in the individual sub-corpora.


We strive for open, well-documented and widely-used formats. Materials in the archive are stored in the following formats:


All materials are copyrighted to the contributor, unless otherwise indicated. No material is to be used for commercial purposes, or for profit.


We welcome contributions to RWAAI. Please, visit our website to read about becoming a contributor, or contact us directly here.

Feedback and Problems

We would appreciate feedback about RWAAI. If you notice any errors or problems, please contact the RWAAI Curator.