Elicited language
Contains all elicited material, divided in grammar (syntax) and phonology.
Plant pictures and videos, and an overview of the use of certain medicinal plants. See also several recordings under Transcribed recordings.
Ethnographic materials, such as a culture questionnaire, and videos and pictures of nutmeg production, fishing, canoe-making and handicraft.
The Kalamang dictionary (work in progress). The dictionary includes lexemes, pronunciation, part of speech, glosses and definitions in English and Papuan Malay, semantic fields, images and example sentences. This folder includes the dictionary in xml format, the image files and a consultant's notebooks with example sentences.
Transcribed recordings
Contains all audio and video material that was transcribed. Each transcription contains the following levels: Kalamang transcription, English and Papuan Malay translation, morpheme-by-morpheme analysis, part of speech tagging and notes. The recordings include personal histories, traditional narratives, free conversations, people at work, descriptions of canoe-making, house-building and cooking, speakers playing picture matching tasks, and the narration of different stimulus materials.